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Innovative technology

SeaData team has created an innovative tool, which based on the weather forecast and local environmental conditions predicts the risk of dust dispersion from bulk cargo maintenance and operations. Our tool enables the company authorities to implement safeguard measures in time and plan their activities accordingly.

The tool includes:

  • dust dispersion prognosis for 24/48 hours ahead, based on the current weather conditions.

  • everyday reports about prognosed risk sent automatically to the client

  • map's displays adjusted to the client

  • risk assessment algorithm designed specifically for your company to better represent local conditions


Inteligent, plug and play, discrete device that can be fitted with a range of sensors.


YetiBox™ devices communicate over GSM and WiFi.

Currently in our offer YetiBoxes™ with sensors of:

  • PM10, PM2.5

  • PM100


YetiBox™ can be adjusted to client’s requests and company’s law obligations. The installation process requires only to plug it in, and as it can be remotely operated - no further assistance is needed. Data assembled by yetiBox™ is continuously transferred to the integrated analytical platform

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Data Science

Data Science

Our offer is not limited to air pollution analysis and monitoring! Need simple, friendly way to access and visualise your data and do it from any computer, smartphone or tablet? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

About Us

About Us

SeaData is a polish company, based in Gdynia, specializing in data science, atmospheric modeling, analytical systems and IoT solutions. SeaData main focus is set on environmental protection, our systems support sustainable development of your company.

We support the biggest polish Ports in Gdansk and Gdynia and expect to expand our services to other european ports.